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Ashley Magnus can't possibly be dead. First, there was no body. Second, nobody stays dead in sci-fi. Third, there is so much more story left to tell - she was just getting interesting! Fourth, the fans are rioting! With pitchforks! They are going to tar and feather Damian Kindler if Ashley doesn't return in season 3.

Unfortunately, it sounds like she's not coming back, despite the fact that the Sanctuary producers have said in interviews that they intend to bring her back.

In Emilie Ullerup's most recent interview, she says that she hasn't been contacted regarding reprising her role as Ashley, and she's decided to move on. That's a positive, gracious attitude to take. Kudos to her!

I think Sanctuary, however, would be making a big mistake in not bringing her back. There is a huge opportunity for more character growth and more compelling stories if Ashley returns.