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The Borgias, Camelot, Game of Thrones

For lovers of swords and cloaks and epic tales (myself included), this season brings us three new television series to satisfy all our escapist longings: The Borgias, Camelot, and Game of Thrones.

The Borgias - Review of the Premiere
The Poisoned Chalice / The Assassin
I love the Tudors, and so far I'm loving the Borgias as well. I think they cast this show really well. Obviously Jeremy Irons is great as Rodrigo Borgia, but also the actors who play Lucrezia, Cesare, Guilia, and Vanozza. All fantastic.

Camelot - Review of the Premiere
Homecoming / The Sword and the Crown
Any show based on Arthurian legend is going to have my complete attention. This one has a lot of potential. It humanizes characters like Merlin (Joseph Fiennes), Arthur (Jamie Bower Campbell), and Morgan (Eva Green), and suggests believable motives for why they do the things they do.

Game of Thrones
I haven't watched this one yet, but I know it's based on the famous fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin. Mayhaps this show shall fill the Legend-of-the-Seeker shaped hole in my life? :-) One can hope. All I know is, Sean Bean = awesome.